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Simple, transparent, and cost-effective pricing


3000 Operations / month

$9 /mo

What's included

  • 3000 Operations / month
  • 1 requests per second
  • Attribution required

10,000 Operations / month

$29 /mo

What's included

  • 10,000 Operations / month
  • 3 requests per second
  • Commercial usage allowed
  • Email and live chat support

50,000 Operations / month

$99 /mo

What's included

  • 50,000 Operations / month
  • 10 requests per second
  • Domains whitelisting
  • Commercial usage allowed
  • Dedicated support

250,000 Operations / month

$349 /mo

What's included

  • 250,000 Operations / month
  • 25 requests per second
  • Domains whitelisting
  • Commercial usage allowed
  • Dedicated support

Let's build you a custom plan


What's included

  • Custom number of operations
  • 100 requests per second
  • No attribution required
  • Commercial usage allowed
  • Domains whitelisting

The world's top engineers and organizations run on Deepengin

The Email Validation and Verification API ensures you have clean and reliable email lists

Powerful email validation and verification

Verify and validate emails before they're saved to your database to ensure you have only real, high value users. Our simple yet powerful API allows you to focus on your business, not email quality.

Identify disposable and free email providers

Deepengin maintains one of the largest and most frequently updated databases of free and disposable email addresses, so you can identify them and decide to filter them or not.

Typo checking and smart suggestions

User can make mistakes in entering their email (e.g., john@gmial.com), and Deepengin's Email Validation API will catch those along with our checks and even recommend a correct email.

Real-time SMTP checks

The domain of each email is pinged to ensure it's not only live but able to accept email. The API will also check whether or not the domain has a catch-all configuration enabled.

Role checking and filters

The API also automatically checks for role-based emails (such as sales@domain.com or team@domain.com), so you don't have to create and maintain rules for this.

Protected by bank-level security

Security is also a top concern of ours, so all data that is sent to Deepengin's Email Validation API and processed there is secured via 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS). Stay GDPR compliant by using our GDPR cookie banner creator.